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The Zee Learning Podcast

Feb 9, 2021

Nachliel Selavan is a professional museum tour guide, entrepreneur, educator, and expert in Biblical archaeology and the history of the ancient Near East.

Prior to the COVID19 pandemic, Nachliel was giving tours in the MET, also known as the Metropolitan Museum of Art based in New York City, as well as providing walking tours in Jerusalem, Israel. After most museums closed, he quickly pivoted to delivering virtual tours, creatively using Google Street View and Zoom to expand his tours beyond the borders of his zip code. Going virtual allows Nachliel to now lead tours in museums throughout the world (virtually) from London to Toronto to Chicago to Tel Aviv. He also launched a new website, a YouTube channel, and a Happs account where his prolific output of content digital platforms, attracts him a diverse and international clientele. Paid courses, a podcast, and other programs are also in the works. 

I wanted to have Nachliel on the show not only because I’m a history buff and think he is in a particularly interesting niche, but because I think his story serves as a good example of how people who used to do business solely in physical locations can successfully pivot during a tough time when in-person activities are extremely limited or non-existent. His story also exemplifies how people can leverage their knowledge and skills to digital mediums, which should provide inspiration to many of my listeners who are going through a similarly difficult period of transition or who wish to utilize the Internet and social platforms to start or save their businesses. This podcast also has an eLearning focus and I think it’s pretty amazing how Nachliel was able to transition from an on-location museum tour guide to an eLearning content creator and entrepreneur. 

Learn more about Nachliel Selavan by checking out the links below:

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