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The Zee Learning Podcast

Feb 23, 2021

Robyn Mussler is the founder of NextGenTech, a Shark Tank-style, business pitch competition for high school students focused on tech. Students are matched with mentors who help them transform their ideas into marketable products before pitching to a panel of investors. She is also the founder of Connect-IT 360, an eLearning platform providing virtual classes about entrepreneurship for students who can complete the classes on their smartphones and earn high school credits in the process. 

Backed by former Shark, Kevin Harrington, NextGenTech has been wildly successful in Tampa Bay, Florida where it's based, receiving accolades and awards, even from Congress. Robyn Mussler now hopes to expand NexGenTech beyond Tampa and bring it to other parts of the country.

Robyn Mussler is an entrepreneur herself and the founder of an eLearning startup called Connect-IT 360, which provides a two-track curriculum of courses teaching high school students about entrepreneurship fundamentals, giving them the tools they need to become successful entrepreneurs. High school students can complete these courses on their smartphones and earn high school credits in the process. Through NextGenTech and Connect-IT 360, Robyn Mussler has been inspiring, educating, mentoring a whole new generation of young tech entrepreneurs. 

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