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The Zee Learning Podcast

Apr 28, 2022

Just like companies and non-profit organizations, colleges and universities also need to do marketing. While an institution of higher learning is focused on education, it’s also a business. And, like other organizations, an academic institution must trade on its brand and reputation to attract its ideal students, fundraise, build key relationships with the community, and engage students, faculty, alumni, and donors. 

My guest is Kasandrea Sereno. In addition to her responsibilities as a Senior Advisor for Student Success & Technology at the University of Tampa, Kasandrea Sereno is a social media strategist and the founder of Higher Ed Social, a unique social media consultancy that helps advise social media managers focused on managing the social media presence of a college or university. 

Her Facebook group, #HigherEdSocial is the world’s largest network of social media managers in higher education with a membership of over 10 thousand strong, bringing social media managers at colleges and universities together to share best practices. The members of this passionately engaged community post in the group daily, asking questions, swapping anecdotes, and sharing social media strategies, tools, tips, and tricks tailored to the needs of institutions of higher learning. Kasandrea regularly holds training and workshops for her community where she shares award-winning strategies and best practices that help colleges and universities grow their brands and maintain vibrant, engaged communities across all the major social media platforms. 

Kasandrea Sereno is also the founder of My Advisor Says, an organization that works with students of all ages, helping them achieve their dream of a college education. When she sleeps is anybody’s guess!

Learn more about Kasandrea Sereno and Higher Ed Social: