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The Zee Learning Podcast

Oct 3, 2018

What happens when a marketer and an architect join forces?

Magic is made.

No, seriously. This past Fall, Marketing Zen founder and CEO, Shama Hyder teamed up with award-winning architect, Jared Skinner to launch MADE (Marketing, Architecture, Development & Education), an architecture design firm that “bakes branding into the blueprints.”

While doomsday prophets predict the end of the brick-and-mortar store, Shama and Jared believe there will always be a place for physical stores that focus on providing experiences. Take Nordstrom for example. At their new location in California, there is nothing available for purchase on site. Instead, personal stylists help customers select a new wardrobe, which can be then be ordered online and delivered to the store that same day. Meanwhile customers can hang out, have a beer, or get a pedicure while they wait for their clothes to arrive.

In a similar vein, co-founders, Shama and Jared have set out to disrupt the world of architectural design and change the way people interact with physical spaces.

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