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The Zee Learning Podcast

Apr 3, 2022

Mark Zides, is an entrepreneur and career mentor as well as a pioneer and leader in the eLearning industry. Mark Zides is the CEO of CoreAxis Consulting, a leading learning & development company that creates custom learning experiences and training solutions for a wide variety of businesses. CoreAxis Consulting has created custom training content for major industry players, Fortune 500 companies, and global brands including Pfizer, Amazon, Bank of America, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Takeda, just to name a few. CoreAxis’s large team of instructional designers, project managers, eLearning developers, animators, artists, and more is able to produce video, audio, and written content at scale focused on anything from onboarding to new employee training, upskilling, and routine compliance training, making CoreAxis a one-stop-shop for all things eLearning. 

Mark Zides is also the author of the new book, The #PACE Process for Early Career Success, a book aimed at GenZ and younger Millennials that is designed to help you unlock the mindset, traits, and techniques needed to Plan, Apply for, Commit to, and Evaluate your ideal career path. Whether you plan to enter the corporate world, join a startup, or start your own business, The #Pace Process for Early Career Success will teach you how to build a network, master interviewing skills, leverage your personal brand, and how and when to move on to your next opportunity. 

And, even if you're a little older and have been in the workforce for a while, much of the advice Mark shares in his book applies equally to those of you who are contemplating your next move or thinking of transitioning to a new career path. Drawing on over 30 years of his own experience climbing the corporate ladder, changing careers, becoming an entrepreneur, and starting his own successful company, which today employs hundreds of eLearning professionals, Mark imparts practical wisdom that will help you land your dream job or move forward in your career.

The #PACE Process for Early Career Success comes out on Tuesday, April 5th and makes for the perfect graduation present for the college or graduate student in your life, who will no doubt benefit from the powerful insights shared in this book, all with a little bit of tough love and Mark’s characteristic no-bullshit, straight talk, pull-no-punches style. 

You can order the book now by clicking on the link below. You can also learn more about Mark Zides and CoreAxis Consulting by clicking the links in the show notes.

Order The #Pace Process for Early Career Success here: 

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