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The Zee Learning Podcast

Nov 8, 2020

One of the biggest challenges faced by educators is the problem of helping students who are at different levels in their knowledge of the subject matter, each with their own learning style, aptitudes, and challenges, the same material. How do you teach in a way that will work for each individual student? Moreover, the traditional classroom model has typically only allowed for a one-size-fits-all approach to education, especially in larger public school classrooms. Levered Learning, a math educational technology platform, has innovated a data-driven approach to teaching math. Edtech tools like Levered Learning are more than merely digital substitutes for brick-and-mortar classroom learning; they are changing the way we teach for the better, and delivering an individually tailored learning experience that ensures more students succeed and thrive. 

Joshua Bradley is the co-founder and CTO of Levered Learning, a blended learning system for teaching upper elementary school math (3rd-5th grade math). Originally developed as a learning system and teaching tool intended to solely supplement in-person classroom learning, Levered Learning has added new features to its dashboard since COVID-19, which enable it to facilitate full-time online learning as well. Teachers can deliver lessons on the platform and kids can also play interactive math games and complete quizzes and tests on the platform as well. 

Already tested with success in California public schools, the case studies clearly demonstrate that kids who used Levered Learning were able to go up a whole letter grade in mathematics studies and pass state requirements. I think my listeners will also appreciate Lever’s data-driven approach which is able to help teachers and parents identify where students are struggling and adapt learning content to fit the needs of each individual student.

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