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The Zee Learning Podcast

May 18, 2020

Rabbi Daniel Bortz is a community leader, life coach, and social media influencer who creates spiritual and meditative content and experiences for a new generation. Hailing from San Diego, Rabbi Dan Bortz is best known as the Millennial Rabbi on Instagram @milliennialrabbi where he has over 25,000 followers. 

Not your typical rabbi, Dan Bortz can be found dancing every year at Coachella, schmoozing with teens and young adults about life, or hosting experiential events featuring guided sound meditations. It’s not uncommon during one of his classes (where no questions are off-limits) for him to cite a verse from the bible or quote a famous rabbi and rapper and quote a lyric from Tupac Shakur. Rabbi Dan Bortz is the founder of Soul X through which he runs programming for JTeens and Soul Living, an immersive 6-week course focused on self-optimization. Soul X offers online and offline classes, coaching calls, courses, retreats, and events that help people conquer anxiety, access happiness, and attain higher levels of consciousness in a happy and non-judgemental way. Rabbi Bortz is also the author of Beneath the Surface (edited by yours truly), and produces many bite-sized nuggets of inspiration through video-shorts on his YouTube Channel

In this episode, we talked about social media marketing strategy, the impact of mobile usage and social media on young people, healthy technology usage, maintaining a balance between staying connected and taking time for one’s self, and tackling difficult subjects in our sensitive and polarized political climate. We closed the episode with a brief mindfulness exercise.