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The Zee Learning Podcast

Dec 11, 2020

Eric J. Stephens, PhD, is a writing professor turned business data analyst, and the founder of #ChangeHigherEd & #HireHigherEd, an initiative helping people who were previously working in higher ed make career transitions, free of charge through workshops, networking, panel discussions, and mentorships. 

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When Eric Stephens, a young PhD lost his job as university professor in 2020, because of COVID-19, he was in a tough spot. With a family to support and not knowing where else to turn, he logged into his old LinkedIn account. Like most in academia, Eric thought LinkedIn was just a platform for business people, job seekers, and recruiters -- not somewhere where he belonged. But, he soon discovered that LinkedIn is a 24-hour, virtual networking event for professionals of all backgrounds. He started sharing his thoughts on LinkedIn about higher education, the changes wrought by COVID-19, and the future of education. To his surprise, people started listening and responding.

Now, Eric Stephens is leading a movement bringing together displaced former employees of higher ed, academics, and business leaders to help educators find new opportunities and forge a new way forward in a post-COVID world. This was a fascinating interview, and I think you’ll be moved by Eric’s story and what he’s doing to help others.