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The Zee Learning Podcast

Nov 26, 2021

Purpose. We all want to have a sense of purpose in our lives. Most of us find purpose in our families, careers, or activities we enjoy.

But, how do we find purpose, or meaning in life, during our final years when all, or most, of the things that once gave us a sense of purpose may no longer be part of our lives?

Finding one's purpose is a notion we most often associate with youth -- people in college or at the start of their careers. And, we all know of people who had a mid-life crisis and redefined or shifted their sense of purpose in middle age or even in their Golden years.

But, my guest, Anna Hall, founder of The Purpose Equation, uniquely caters to seniors and the elderly, including patients with dementia, helping them to find their purpose. 

A former caregiver in an assisted living community, Anna Hall set out on a quest to help seniors find their purpose. She believes that when we are too old to work, raise a family, or do many of the activities we enjoyed throughout most of adulthood, we must redefine our purpose and gain the strength to continue living happy and fulfilling lives. Her company’s motto: “Purpose clarifies life.”

The Purpose Equation provides exercises and workshops that help seniors and caregivers find their life's purpose, giving them a renewed sense of meaning and happiness. Their certified ‘Purpose Guides’ are trained to work with elderly patients in homes and senior living communities to help them unlock their “Purpose Equation,” which can give them more of a sense of joy and meaning in their everyday lives and ease transitions like retiring or moving into an assisted living facility. 

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